Anonymous - opium smokers, China, c. 1900

Glass plate positive

20026. P.Z. (Photochrom Zurich) - 1900s,

Benares. Aurungzeb‘s Mosque

Photolithograhic print, 26.3 x 20.4cm

Lambert & Co. - 1880s, Boat Quai, Singapore

Albumen print, 25 x 21cm

Luise Blech, 1900s, Port of Valparaiso

Collodion paper print, 10.8 x 7.7cm

Franz Hanfstaengl, 1858,

Ida Pfeiffer after her return from Madagascar

Albumen print carte-de-visite

Travel photography in the 19th century was a relatively new phenomenon that allowed people to document their travels and share them with the world. Photography was still in its early stages of development and the equipment was expensive and cumbersome. Despite this, many photographers were able to capture stunning images of exotic places around the world. These images provided a window into a world that was previously inaccessible to many. 

Anonymous - Wharf, Yokohama, around 1880

Albumen print, 25 x 21cm

Ed. Liesegang, Düsseldorf (ed.), 1910s,

8710 Wunderwerke der Baukunst. Pyramide und Sphinx

Hand-colored glass slide, 8.4 x 8.4cm

A. Kalland, 1890s, Hammerfest

Collodion paper print, 22.6 x 16.6 cm

State elephant of Gaekwar of Baroda, 1890s

Albumen print, 23.5 x 18.6cm

Burmese dancers, around 1910

Gelatin silver print, 29.3 x 24cm

Anonymous, around 1900, Mount Rushmore, USA,

Collodion paper print, 22.6 x 16.6 cm