Bisson Frères

The Bisson brothers, Louis-Auguste Bisson (1814-1876, known as "Bisson the Elder") and Auguste-Rosalie Bisson (1826-1900, known as "Bisson the Younger"), were two pioneers of French photography in the 19th century.

In 1860 they accompanied Napoleon III on his visit to Savoy. The pair produced remarkable images of the local scenery. Having received an encouraging response to his work, the following year Auguste ascended Mont Blanc, taking with him twenty-five porters to carry his equipment.

The photographs were made using the Collodion process, with very large negatives, often up to 30 cm x 40 cm (12" x 16“).

Lit.: Chlumsky, Milan (ed.), Die Brüder Bisson. Aufstieg und Fall eines Fotografenunternehmens im 19. Jahrhundert. Museum Folkwang, Essen 1999

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