Fritz Luckhardt (1843–1894)

Fritz Luckhardt (born March 17, 1843 in Kassel, † November 29, 1894 in Vienna) was an Austrian photographer of German origin. After moving to Vienna in 1865, he initially worked as a foreign language correspondent in Oscar Kramer's studio before opening his own studio in 1867. Luckhardt became known for the stereo images he made between 1868 and 1872 with portraits of beautiful women. In 1867 he acquired knowledge of collotype printing from Ludwig Angerer.

In the following years, Luckhardt specialized in portrait photography of celebrities, especially artists. From 1871 to 1887 he was secretary of the ”Photographische Gesellschaft”. After his death, the studio was continued by his widow, Franziska (“Fanny”) Luckhardt, née Uchatius.

Austrian poet/novelist Friedrich Halm (Baron Münch-Bellinghausen)

Actress Friederike Bognár as ”Esther“ at the Burgtheater, around 1868

Actress in the costume of Maria Theresia, 1860s

Opera singer Adelina Patti, 1870s

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