Atelier Manassé was a photo studio in Vienna and Berlin.

It was founded by the couple Adorján von Wlassics (1893–1946) and his wife Olga, née Spolarics (1896?–1969) in 1924 in Vienna. In the same year, the studio's first illustrations appeared in magazines. 

The photo studio was run under different names, including Wlasics,and Manassé-Ricoll.TheWlassics couple moved to Berlin in 1937 and opened the WOG (Wlassics-Olga-Geschke) studio on Kurfürstendamm. In 1943 they returned to Vienna.

In the 1920s, Atelier Manassé became well known for its erotic and glamorous (nude) photographs, mainly of women. The artists liked to combine eroticism with surreal motifs in their photographs. Some of the motifs were people from Viennese society, but also international movie stars.

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