Wilhelm Burger (1844–1920)

Wilhelm Joseph Burger (15 March 1844–7 March 1920) was an important Austrian expedition photographer (and painter), based in Vienna.In 1868, he traveled to Thailand and Japan, as well as the Arctic in 1872, where he took his best known photographs. 

In 1868, when Burger was commissioned to be the expedition photographer for the K.K. mission to East Asia, which aimed to conclude trade and shipping contracts, he took the young  Michael Moser with him as an assistant.

In 1881 he accompanied an archaeological expedition to Lycia and Caria (today’s Western Anatolia). Burger is also known having chronicled his home town Vienna and other regions in Austria. From c. 1895 to c. 1908 he documented the re-building of the Burg Kreuzenstein in Lower Austria.

Lit.: Gert Rosenberg, Wilhelm Burger 1844-1920. Ein Welt- und Forschungsreisender mit der Kamera, Vienna 1984

Donnerkogel in der Gosau, 1870s

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Theseus-Group by  Canova,1870s (left); Kamakura, Japan,1870s (center); 

Gmunden, 1860s (right)

A Japanese (”Woman from Jedo”), Japan;1870s

Renaissance furniture in Burg Kreuzenstein

Ebensee, 1870s

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Vienna State Opera, 1870s

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Carl Burger (1839–1900)

Carl Burger was the elder brother of Wilhelm Burger. He was based in Vienna.In the 1870s he turned to photography and did some images – mostly of the Salzkammergut in Austria. He was however not successful in marketing his photographs and became instead a merchant.

Traunkirchen, 1870s

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